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The Information Governance and Management Framework provides a consistent enterprise approach to information governance and information management across UQ. The document describes our obligations throughout the information lifecycle and describes the governance and management structures.



We are committed to the ethical use of data

Protecting and supporting our people is at the heart of what we do.
Upholding the highest ethical standards helps us meet the expectations of and
protect our staff, students, and members of the wider University community.


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UQ's information is a core strategic asset. 

As the quantity of data continues to grow, information management becomes paramount. In the next three years, our information management approach must ensure the quality, reliability and integrity of UQ’s information, so that it can be appropriately used to deliver value for the University.

Rob Moffatt, Chief Operating Officer (Acting)      

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Learn about the Enterprise Data Governance Program

An Enterprise Data Governance Program is currently being executed, to improve data governance practices and data management at UQ. 

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