What is the Data Sharing Agreement?

The Data Sharing Agreement is a form that details requests for UQ data, and is used between Information Consumers (who request the data) and Information Stewards (who review the request for data). This includes data from systems and platforms used to support UQ’s administration, teaching and learning and research information. It covers: 

  • Purpose the data is being obtained / what it is being used for. 

  • When the data sharing will occur. 

  • Who the Information Steward will be. 

  • What safeguards will be implemented to protect the data. 

  • Privacy and ethics considerations. 

Completing a Data Sharing Agreement is now a requirement for all corporate data sharing at the University of Queensland (UQ), both internal and external. 

If you require any University corporate data, you must fill in this agreement. 

Following submission, the Data Strategy and Governance Team will facilitate providing you with the data you require.   

Accessing the Data Sharing Agreement  

There are two types of Data Sharing Agreement forms available: 

  1. Analytics use cases 

  1. Integration use cases. 

You can find the Data Sharing Agreement forms for both on the Request Access to Data webpage

Note: there is a separate process for access to research data.

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Why do we use Data Sharing Agreements?

There are numerous reasons why Data Sharing Agreements are required. These include: 

  • Ensuring compliance with legislation and obligations around data use and data ethics.  

  • Protecting UQ’s data, through ensuring only authorised persons have access to the data required, for a specified time period and use. 

  • Providing oversight of what data is shared throughout the University and for what purposes, supporting data security and privacy and allowing for better data governance. 

  • They place accountability for the management of the datasets through identifying the appropriate Information Steward for the data, as well as provide Information Stewards better oversight of who has access to data within the domain they are responsible for, and how this data is being used. 

  • Ensuring ethical use of data (ethical use of data is assessed when Data Sharing Agreements are submitted). 

Benefits of Data Sharing Agreements

Watch the below interviews with Information Stewards who regularly use Data Sharing Agreements, to learn more about Data Sharing agreements and their benefits.

Interview with Dr Greg Winslett

Interview with Dr David Stockdale

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More information

For more information on Data Sharing Agreements contact the Data Strategy and Governance Team.  


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