Data ethics training

Request an introductory presentation on the Enterprise Data Ethics Framework

Following endorsement of the Enterprise Data Ethics Framework at the University Senior Executive Team meeting on Thursday 15th July 2021, the Data Strategy & Governance team invite you to request an introductory presentation for your work area or team.

We are happy to tailor these presentations to provide guidance on how the Framework applies specifically to data uses that are common in your area. 


Request a presentation 


UQ staff development training

There are two Staff Development courses available that will help strengthen your skills in ethical decision-making when working with data. One of these courses specifically focuses on ethical data use, whereas the other is a general ethics awareness workshop.

This online workshop is designed for all UQ staff working with data in any way in their role. It will discuss the Ethical Principles from the Enterprise Data Ethics Framework. Hypothetical scenarios will be used to demonstrate how the Principles can be applied to assist in decision-making.
This face-to-face session is designed to engage managers in conversation on ethical dilemmas and ethical decision making. The workshop is based on cohort interaction and through the analysis of case studies. Please note this workshop is not specific to data ethics, but rather considers ethics at UQ more broadly.

Overview of the Enterprise Data Ethics Framework

This 15 minute video provides an overview of the Enterprise Data Ethics Framework.

This video covers:

  • Overview of data ethics
  • Development of the Enterprise Data Ethics Framework
  • Ethical principles
  • Information governance roles and ethical responsibilities
  • Data collection and use processes, indicating when ethical implications should be considered
  • Training and support materials
  • Where to go for assistance