The below table gives some examples of who would perform different data roles at UQ. You can find further information in the Information Management and Governance Framework.

Data roleDescriptionUQ example role
Information CreatorInformation Creators create or capture information at UQ.
  • E.g. Admissions Officers capture and create data into SI-Net.
Information Consumer Information Consumers use UQ information that they have been granted access to, for authorised purposes only.
  • E.g. The Service Desk Manager may export information from their CRM system to run a report on how quickly service requests are being resolved.
Information Steward

An Information Steward is assigned to one or more information entities. Information Stewards are responsible for providing advice and making decisions regarding day-to-day management of information. 

  • E.g. The Director, People Services in the Information Steward for the Staff, Worker, Leave and Timesheet information entities (within the Human Resources domain).
Information Domain Custodian

An Information Domain Custodian is assigned to one or more information domains and is responsible for defining business area specific operating procedures and controls. 

  • E.g. The Chief human Resources Officer is the Information Domain Custodian for the Human Resources domain. 
Information LeaderInformation Leaders provide strategic guidance regarding information requirements for information domains within their respective business areas.
  • E.g. The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) is an Information Leader and is responsible for the information domains related to curriculum and teaching and learning.   
Information TrusteeThe Information Trustee has enterprise level authority and accountability under legislation for the collection and management of the University’s information.At UQ, the Information Trustee is the Vice Chancellor.
Technical OwnerA Technical Owner is the staff member responsible for the ongoing management of a service or asset from a technical perspective (including in relation to managing third party -provided services).

The Technical Owner's at UQ include (but are not limited to):  

  • Information Technology Services  

  • UQ Library IT

  • UQ Institutes IT 

  • Planning and Business Intelligence 

  • Business Application Administrators  

  • ITGC Subcommittees  

  • Working Groups 

  • External Service Providers (With all external service providers, a Technical Owner must take full responsibility to ensure the external provider fulfils all requirements as required by a Technical Owner).