How can I access data?

30 May 2022

In your work, you may need to request access to additional data. This is facilitated through submitting a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). Find out how to complete a DSA, and why they promote secure data sharing.

What is a Data Sharing Agreement?

The Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) is a straightforward process that is designed to streamline requests for corporate data (e.g., data regarding UQ’s administration, teaching, and learning) at UQ. These requests are filed by Information Consumers (those who use the data) and are reviewed by Information Stewards (inducted individuals who are responsible for information within a given entity). This process is facilitated by the Data Strategy and Governance team.

A DSA needs to be completed when you require corporate data that you do not typically access in your day-to-day work. Additionally, it may also be needed if you are making novel applications of data that you have access to. If you are unsure if a DSA is required for your situation, contact the Data Strategy & Governance team for advice.

However, DSAs cannot be used for research data. For research data, access depends on a variety of factors, including the stage of the project, funder and IP agreements, and publication status. To access data regarding ongoing projects, contact the lead investigator. To find out how to access published research datasets and those subject to IP or funder agreements, visit the Data at UQ website.

How are Data Sharing Agreements completed?

A DSA is completed using one of the two available forms:

  1. Analytics use cases: This form is required when using data for analytics (e.g., for research, improving systems and services, and ad-hoc reporting requests).
  2. Integration use cases: This form is required when existing data needs to be integrated into another system.

Both forms are available on the Request Access to Data webpage.

Why are Data Sharing Agreements used?

DSAs are another step in ensuring the integrity of UQ’s data; safeguarding against unauthorised access, harmonising data sharing throughout the University, and identifying clear accountabilities. Additionally, DSAs assist in ensuring that UQ is compliant with legislation and obligations regarding ethical data use.