At UQ, data sharing and approvals is the responsibility of the Information Steward.

For corporate data, this is facilitated through a Data Sharing Agreement form

For research data, the Information Steward is the research project’s First Named Investigator (also known as the Lead Chief Investigator (LCI)). The First Named Investigator is responsible for the data during the information lifecycle phases of Plan and Design, Collect and Capture, Store, Classify and Secure, Manage and Maintain, and Share and Reuse. Upon completion of a research project, the role of Information Steward will transition to the Head of School or Director of Institute for the Retain and Archive and Dispose or Destroy lifecycle phases. 

Access corporate data

Access to UQ’s corporate data (for parties both internal and external to UQ) is managed through Data Sharing Agreements. 

Learn more about Data Sharing Agreements

There are two types of Data Sharing Agreement forms available: 

  1. Analytics use cases: Best for analytics use cases where data might be used for research, improving systems and services, and ad-hoc reporting requests, for example.

  2. Integration use cases: Best for use cases where existing data needs to be integrated into another system.

For external entities requiring access to data, the Data Sharing Agreement should be submitted and managed by the UQ contact for the activity.

The Data Strategy and Governance team facilitates the required approvals for Data Sharing Agreements at UQ, and maintains a log of all submitted Agreements to ensure auditability and accountability of data sharing and use at UQ.  


If you require access to data for analytics purposes, please download and complete the form below, and email this to the Data Strategy and Governance Team.

Download the Data Sharing Agreement form (analytics use cases) (DOCX, 89.7 KB)


If you require access to data for integration purposes, ensure you speak to the Integration Team first, before completing the form below. 

Download the Data Sharing Agreement form (integration use cases) (DOCX, 86.5 KB)

Following submission, the ITS Data Strategy and Governance Team will facilitate approvals and provision of data.

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Access research data

Access to research data depends on a number of factors, such as whether the project has completed, funder agreements, IP agreements, etc. To access the research data of an on-going project, please contact the project lead investigator. They will be able to direct you on how best to request access to their research data.

Contact for published datasets in UQ eSpace, Legal Services (Research) if it involves IP or funder agreements, or IT Support for questions around access to data stored in UQRDM.

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