Do you know who can read your files?

29 June 2021

At UQ, excellence is achieved through collaboration; sharing information across faculties, departments and teams. Sharing can be as simple as emailing a colleague, but that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do! Rather, the appropriate procedures must be followed. 

How do I know if data can be shared? Check the document’s Information Security Classification, which governs the level of confidentiality of the data according to its potential risk. The Information Security Classifications indicates the appropriate ‘audience’ for the data.  For example, information classed as SENSITIVE, has a restricted audience, with access authorised based on strict academic, research, or business need.

How can I share data securely? It’s vital to ensure that the method by which you share data is appropriate and secure, and is commensurate with its Information Security Classification. 

How do I request access to data from other areas of the University?  If you require access to data you would not normally have access to as part of your work role, this is facilitated through a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). The agreement links Information Consumers (who request) and Information Stewards (who review the request).  The DSA sets out the purpose for obtaining the data and when sharing will occur, also outlining privacy and ethical considerations and the safeguards that will be implemented. Access to research specific data depends on whether the project has been completed, funding agreements, and IP agreements.  Contact the project lead investigator to access research data of an on-going project and email for access to already published datasets in UQ eSpace. Legal Services (Research) can assist you if the research involves IP or funding agreements. Contact IT support for assistance accessing data stored in UQRDM.

Why is the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) process important? The Data Sharing Agreement ensures compliance with legislation, and provides oversight of ethical data sharing. The Agreement is part of UQ’s continued commitment to safety of staff and student data, and protecting the integrity of your work.