Ethical data use leads to better decisions

15 June 2021

Data ethics is everyone’s business at UQ. Using data ethically enables us to maximise how we use data to support strategic decisions and deliver improvements, while protecting the interests of our staff, students, and members of the wider UQ community. That's why the University has developed the Enterprise Data Ethics Framework (EDEF), which has been approved by the CIO, and endorsed by USET. Learn how this Framework can help simplify your day-to-day decisions.  

What is the EDEF?  

The Enterprise Data Ethics Framework is a helpful guide to assist you in your daily decision making. Providing a consistent, enterprise-wide approach for the ethical use of data for non-research purposes across UQ, the EDEF outlines key principles, applications, and considerations. The EDEF is not designed to limit UQ staff by introducing another set of complex rules to remember – rather, it is there to help you make better decisions, and navigate the complex and constantly shifting data security landscape with confidence. To help you apply the EDEF to your work, you can access an interactive Data Ethics Assessment Tool and Handbook which are available on the Data at UQ website.  

How will it help me?  

Regardless of your role at the University – admin officer or data analyst – you might handle a range of confidential information. You may consider ethical concerns to be limited to personally identifiable information (PII), however, they may also be relevant (but not limited) to financial, commercial, and contractual information. The EDEF aims to assist you to consider potential ethical issues during the collection, use, sharing, archival, and disposal of information (the Information Lifecycle). It will help you navigate the space between legislation and policy, and what you should ethically do.  

The result is a risk mitigation strategy for both individuals and the University, helping you consider how you work with data, and the risks and impacts of your work. This is part of a continuing commitment to make UQ a dynamic community that responds to the shifting challenges of our world. 

Where can I find out more? 

  • Q&A sessions: We will be running 1-hour Q&A sessions via Zoom. Sign up and find out more here.  

  • Data Ethics website: The Data at UQ website has a whole section on Data Ethics. You’ll find the EDEF, Handbook, links to our training sessions, and additional resources. View the website here.  

  • Staff development training: Staff development sessions on data ethics are delivered regularly via Zoom. 

  • Additional support: If you have any questions about the EDEF contact