What is Analytics Data as a Service?

Analytics Data as a Service (ADaaS) provides a platform for handling Big Data, such as:

  • Large volumes of data.
  • Data arriving at high velocity.
  • A variety of data formats and sources (databases, files, images - structured, semistructured, unstructured, streaming, etc.).
  • Data that is often too complex to handle using traditional data processing techniques.

Other features of ADaaS include:

  • It uses distributed computing technologies (such as Apache Spark) • An environment for data exploration and manipulation (Jupyter Notebooks).
  • It supports the overlay of artificial intelligence (AI) and/or machine learning (ML) (H20.ai).
  • It is built entirely on Amazon Web Services.

Utilise ADaaS

To utilise content from ADaaS, contact the Analytics Data Services team on adaas.ds.io@its.uq.edu.au.